Hi, I am Geeta Pendaer, the founder of 2Justbe, a platform that was coined by my life's journey and experiences; In my capacity of an Artiste in dance in excess of 38 years, Family Group Conference Coordinator and Mediator, I have learnt much from the best teachers ever; children, families and the community.



As a 'looked after child' in the 1970's, having to deal with all types of abuse from those that should have protected and cared for me, I quickly realised mental resilience was the only way forward for me. This for me, was found through dance and music as a child; in my case I shut out everything put on the music and danced with my soul in my ‘special space’ and looked through my own ‘rose tinted glasses' at the world, outwardly. In doing that, I was not paying attention to my 'inner child,' that led to my vulnerability and emotional fragility, determining how to deal with people, and they me. However, on the positive side, my life as an independent, strong, passionate woman lends itself to, achieving much, travelling loads and learning, every day. Sadly, there was a void, a dull ache inside of me that needed healing. It took some time, but I knew that it was time for change. So, I decided to seek 'supervision' of a different kind and stop ‘kidding’ myself and start ‘being kinder to myself.’ I embarked on my holistic journey a few years ago, attending many Mindfulness Retreats, being very ‘present’ and fully understanding the ‘meaning’ of it all; to flying out to Pittsburgh on a ‘whim’ to train in Dancing Mindfulness with Dr Jamie Marich, and completing my NLP Training with Dr Richard Bandler (learning only from the best). I got ‘it,’ not just the certificates and qualifications, but the wake-up call, ‘I woke up,' finally, embracing all the experiences, the challenges, the gains and losses. I now drew on all of the above and started my new healing journey to help others to realise theirs, to take control, in total realisation, on their path to nourishing and nurturing their mind body and soul. This is Cultivation of Resilience at its best…!!!


Our Programmes and Re-Treats endeavour to promote mental resilience,  reducing stress, sleeping better, eliminate negative feelings, manage anxiety, behaviour and anger management, reduce chronic pain and increase brain function. These are just a few examples of the benefits. Please note that each individual will experience different benefits at different levels, in their own space.

" When the student is ready, The Teacher will appear"

- Buddhist Quote


"I was really surprised at how different I felt after only a few sessions with Geeta. The gradual process of the combined programmes were very calming, with an awareness of how much mental chatter filled with negative thoughts and busyness I had running around in my mind, which I am managing with daily practice. I make 'time' for myself now and am much kinder to myself and do not get anxious about anything outside of my space here and now. Love feeling this way." 



Chef/Business Owner

"Thank you Geeta, feels like l am starting on an amazing adventure to rediscover myself." 



Designer/Business Owner

“I have overcome my fear and anxiety of flying. Geeta worked with me 6 hours before my flight, within 15 minutes I felt calm about flying on the same day. I wore my beautiful locket and flew to India and back with no fears, just happy moments of my much 'looked forward' trip after my heart surgery. I am now looking forward to and very excited about my next trip to Rhodes in May and Cambodia and the Far East in December this year. Thanks Geeta”



Retired Nurse

"I do really really love what you are doing and I wish I had met you a long time ago.I have loved the sessions. You are a truly inspirational and a very strong woman. Thank you Geeta" 



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